Partially apply a pattern

I’m currently trying to figure out how to use patterns in Capella.
We are currently using the REC/RPL technology to handle multiple occurences of a same equipment in one model, but we’d like to use patterns to create equipment catalogs that we can reuse on different models and systems.
My first tests made me think that patterns are a good solution for what we need :
• To be able to create equipment libraries/catalogs -> pattern catalogs
• To be able to manage equipment modifications -> instance management and synchronization feature
• To be able to reuse equipment on different models -> Patterns application (+ naming rule which is very useful)
• To be able to adapt the equipment -> ???
As you can see, I have trouble to find out a way to fulfil our last need. More precisely, what I’m trying to do is to apply only part of a pattern (just adding a few elements of the pattern, not all of them). Is it possible to do this ?
I tried to use roles but it doesn’t seem to help. Also, I don’t really mind if it doesn’t fit with the “merge” feature as I’m more interested in the “add” feature.
Kind regards