Parse string requirement ID when importing .reqIF

I am trying to import a .reqIF file into Capella.
Requirements have a string as identification, for example MYREQ001, MYREQ002, etc.
It seems that Capella tries to parse the identification as an integer so the import action fails.
The same requirements work if I change the identification to 1, 2, etc.
If I try to import the same file into other tools like ReqIF Studio or DOORS they import the ID as ForeignID field and they keep the string without problems.
Would it be possible to parse that kind of ID in Capella?


If the issue is related to the ForeignID attribute, maye this post can help you:
Which tool are you using to export the ReqIF file?
Hope it helps,

That was exactly the problem, thank you (sorry for not finding that thread before posting).
By removing the ForeignID import option from Preferences (Capella -> Requirements -> Importer) the requirements were properly imported.
Since I am using a notation in which the ID is the same as the Name, it is not a big problem.
I used Cameo Systems Modeler to export to ReqIF. By default it uses an integer for the ID, but it can be manually changed to a string value.

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