Operational Capability features (links / traceability)

Hello everyone,
After several years of SysML, I am now starting to model with Arcadia/Capella. My knowledge basis is made of Mr Voirin’s Arcadia book and a few hours of modelling (plus 10 years of System Engineering).
During the Operational Analysis, I have created a few Capabilities that would allow the user to fulfill his Mission.

  • Is there a way to distinguish the Entity that needs this Capability from those which only contribute? I have only found the “involves” link, but it doesn’t define who directly benefits from this Capability. From a more abstract viewpoint, I understand from Arcadia sources that there is no need to define whoever needs the Capability (in the Eole example, this activity is described by "in order to fulfill the mission, ONE needs to ") ; isn’t this a flaw?
  • How are Activities (& Functions in downstream phases) linked to Capabilities? I expected to be able to create a formal “satisfies” or “contributes to” link, but I can’t find anything like that. Will Capella be able to generate a justification matrix based on which Activities or Functions are used in each Capability’s scenarios? I haven’t found anything about such a feature.
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Hello Charles,
In the Capability editor, threre is a field ‘Involved Activities’ (not editable in the diagram).
Hope that it helps,


Thanks, Julien. In fact I found on Monday that in System Analysis, the involvement link is created when you use the Function in either a DataFlow or a Functional Exchange Scenario.
Pas de bol, I’m only using Entity Exchange Scenarios (not sure of the name, I’m not at work today; the Scenario with Entities as Lifelines).

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