Operational capabilities, activities and processes

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I’m learning Capella methodology but I’m not new to MBSE, I’m also designing in Cameo.

I’m creating Operational Capabilities and OCB. From there I create operational activities via Operational Activity Scenario diagrams (OAS). All good so far.
First question I have is: why in the Properties/Capella tab for an operational capability the Involved Activities attribute is not populated automatically from the OAS?

I then generate the Operational Architecture diagram (OAB) automatically from the OAS I’ve defined. This is a great feature!

I then define the Operational Processes (OP and OPD) which I then map into the OAB, giving a great visual process flow within the OAB.
Second question I have is: in my mind I see OP as “executing” or realising operational capabilities, so why is it not possible to autogenerate OP (and OPD) from operational capabilities? In general I don’t see an intuitive (and graphic) way to establish a relationship between OP and operational capabilities. The only way is via the Properties/Capella tab for an operational capability using the Involved Operational Processes attribute.

In fact it would be great to map operational capabilities into the OAB and showing the process flow as for OP.


Hi @AntoP,

this might be related to Functional chain accelerator.

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