Operational analysis - operational capability diagram

Hi everyone,

What is your method for dealing with operational capability diagrams (ocb) when dealing with fairly large systems of systems (in my case I’m modelling a lunar lander in the artemis programme)?
Already it seems like the number of entities alone and the operational capabilities I have has made the diagram very messy with all the involvement lines.

Do you recommend splitting this up into multiple diagrams and if so how would you suggest the logic to do this?

Thanks very much!!

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In my project I have as well numberous OCs and OE. Despite you can populate your OCB with all of them and even you may add property values and property value groups, I have split one diagram OCB for some of the OCs and one for the OE, without allocated activities and without exchanges in an OAB. The OCs in the OCB are top level ones, which are head of a COC where are some more details: included OC, and if not too messy OEs and PV/PVG (where is variant information).
Now I’m in System Analysis phase, and I maintained the same principle, even less system actors (Only leaf OEs are transfered as system actors, some of leaves where distant from system, and got merge to direct contacting one.
Thierry Poupon