Opaque Expression and LinkedText in M2Doc

I’m trying to extract an opaque ChangeEvents expression, pre / post scenario conditions, or any model constraint using an aql query for documentation.
I would like to access the expression “LinkedText” which seems to be represented by the attribute “Bodies”.
In my case, I have an expression that is A> B, where A and B are defined in the data model.
The “bodies” attribute is: & gt; .
How can we trace back to the linkedtext expression?

I don’t know M2Doc, so I don’t know how to apply a custom ‘renderer’ to a certain attribute, but once you know how to do that, you can look at how the raw attribute is transformed into something readable here:
org.polarsys.capella.core.linkedtext.ui.CapellaEmbeddedLinke dTextEditorInput.getDefaultText(Constraint, String)

Not sure, I imagine it has something to do with M2Doc ‘services’… Does Capella not have a ‘default’ M2Doc extraction where this should work? You could copy from that one

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