Objects export to csv

I am looking for a way to export the objects of the model as well as their properties, for processing on Excel.
My needs are:
1- export the objects and their composition links (breakdown)
2- export the objects and their allocation links (components / functions)
3- export the objects and their parameters (viewpoint BasicPrice)
In the options I saw the export / csv tab but I didn’t find any information on how to use it.
Can you tell me more about Capella’s capacity for csv / xls export ?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Julien,
The Mass View should be what you’re looking for!
All the best,

Merci Stephane,
Is there a way to export also the costs that have been associated with the components via the BasicPrice add-on?
Price properties are not available in the mass visualization table, probably due to the fact that the information is produced by an add-on.

No idea, sorry.

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