[OABD] and [OAIB] Interaction issues

I am doing my first project with Capella (ver 1.5). I manually created the OABD with no issues, but when I select an OA in the project explorer and create an OAIB under it, it auto populates all of the OAs in the OAIBs back into the original OABD (i.e. duplicates them). Also, when I create an OABD for all OAs, the lower OAs in all of the OAIBs show up as a type of the first OA in each OIBD I made. I am sure I am linking something incorrectly. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Eric,
First point: can you double-check which Capella version you are using? Capella 1.5??? Do you mean Capella 5.1.0?
I am having issues reproducing the issue you are describing. Could you please take detailed screenshots of what you are doing? For Example, could you take a screenshot from from the OABD you created, then a screenshot of which OA you are selecting when you are creating the OAIB, then another screenshot showing the duplicated OAs in the original IABD?



Yes it is v5.1. I will take some screen shops.



Sorry for the delay. I think I figured out part of the problem. I was adding OAIB elements under a specific OA and it was pushing the OAs in the OAIBs into the OABD created at the Root operational activity level. When I also create the OAIBs at the Root Operational activity layer they look fine and do not add OAs to the OABD at the same level. I am guessing this is the correct methodology?

The reason I added the OAIBs at the OA level, is because that is how it was done in the Flight Entertainment System example that comes with the 5.1 load. I was using the Provide Aircraft Localization OA as an example. However when I added the OAIB at the OA level it duplicated every OA in the diagram in the OABD, and added them under the OA level directory, as well as in the previously created OAIB. In the Provide Aircraft Localization example it just added the OAIB that was created and did not duplicate the OAs.

My basic question is then, when do you create OIBDs at the OA level and when do you create them at the Root operational level directory?


Hi Eric,
There is no general rule for this.

First let’s make things clear: diagrams are just representations/views on your model (data structure).

OABD diagrams give you a full overview of your hierarchy of operational activities (or functions at the next levels), ie which activity is contained by which one. These diagrams are “synchronized” with the content of your model, meaning that if you add an activity in your model from the treeview or from another diagram, then your OABD diagram will get updated automatically with the newly created activity (the same goes on if you modify/delete an activity).

OAIB diagrams are here to focus on the interactions between activities (or functions). You may create an OAIB at the root of your activities, or you may create one on any level of your Activities structure. OAIBs are “unsynchronized” diagrams. This means that when you create one, you get an empty diagram. From there you can create new activities, or you can insert existing activities on your diagram (there is a tool for that in the palette). If you create a new activity in an OAIB, then it is added to the model and also to your OABD as this one is synchronized. And then if you name this activity the same as the one you had already created, then you would have a duplicate activity. Instead, if you want to display in your OAIB an existing activity, use the dedicated tool in the palette to do this.
Do you have to create OAIB or not? Well, it depends on the complexity of your Activities. If you have 20 activities, I am not sure OAIB is useful, and an OAB diagram will suffice to understand the interactions between your activites.
If you have 2000 activities, then OAIBs are going to be very useful to break down views and ease understanding on activities exchanges by focusing on smaller portions.
All of this would be probably clearer if we make a call and talk. You can contact me on Linkedin.
Obeo Canada

One thing I forgot to add: depending of where you create your OAIB in the hierarchy of Activities, when you create a new Activity in a blank of this diagram, this new Activity is created under the Activity containing your diagram. (I hope its clear)