Non-Functional Requirements Management


I am looking for advice regarding the management, change control and configuration of non-functional requirements within the model (or linked to outside of the model).

Model elements are requirements however, this doesn’t mean that all requirements have to be modeled. There are many non-functional requirements which don’t need to be or can’t included in the model and are best expressed textually. We can do this through the PVMT add-in etc.

What is the best way (open source or not) to manage these non-functional requirements in terms of version control, recording/justifying the change, unique IDs etc in a similar way DOORs might do so today - ideally all within Capella itself?

The solution I am looking for should be applicable on a large multi-user project, with multiple linked sub-system models (federated model structure) in a tightly controlled regulatory environment that must ensure robust management of system requirements and a lifecycle management system (Teamcenter).

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

As you are already a Teamcenter user, probably you should think about using their siemens modelling workbench coupled with teamcenter requirements / polarion (I think that it answers all your needs).
you can find some videos about it on youtube to check it out.


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