No Element's specialized sections in xhtml generation

I am learning Capella and Kitalpha DocGen functionality with the purpose
of html generation customization.
By some reason result of html generation is different
when XHTML Capella DocGen is installed from updatesite (1.3.0)
and when build from sources (master branches from kitalpha and capella git repositories).
To build and install plugins from sources
I’ve imported Capella and Kitalpha DocGen plugin projects into CapellaStudio.
and run second eclipse runtime to test plugins in action.
Before that I’ve removed this plugins from CapellaStudio installation manually. (deleted from plugins directory)
In the result html there are no standart sections of html documents.
For examples in Function documentation there are no section with Functional ports.
There are only very basic sections in all htmls for all element types.
There are no specialized sections for elements.
I’ve debuged code generated from JET patterns.
Code that produce specialized sections is executed correctly
and specialized sections are added to stringbuffers.
But after that they are not added to result html documents.
All method_content functions are ended by the following line
new Node.DataLeaf(ictx.getNode(), getClass(), “content”, stringBuffer.toString());
As I understand stringbuffers for elements are added to some structure.
By some reason content for specialized sections from this structure is not used
when content is saved to html.
What can be the reason of this behaviour?

Have build xhtml docgen plugin from sources using maven.
Have build two versions 1.3.0 (from mater git branch) and 1.3.1 (from 1.3.x branch).
Tried to install build updatesite to Capella 1.3.0 and Capella 1.3.1 (last stable version)
The result is the same in all cases.
Only base sections in html for model elements are generated.
And no specialized sections are generated.

Have build xhtml plugins from master branch commit 936d6ea.
It’s the last commit in master branch that works with Capella 1.3.0