N Square Analysis

The system model in Capella has captured a lot of information about the functions and their relationship relative to each other. It is useful sometimes to perform N^2 analysis to check the coupling or “modularity” of the individual functions.
The N^2 analysis that I am performing requires the input and output function(s) in relation to each others, plotted in a matrix format.
When selecting a function in the Semantic Browser, I can access the incoming and outgoing functions of the selected function by looking at the Incoming Functional Exchanges and Outgoing functional Exchanges. The related functions are shown just below the Functional Exchanges.
However, I could not find this information when I tried to perform Mass Visualization, even in Expert mode. Could someone please advice a quick and fast way to export this information.
Many thanks.

Totally agree - having this kind of compressed, condensed information exportable from the tool is paramount.

What I found as a solution was to rename the functional ports (FIP X/FOPX) prepended with the function name that owns it, the exporting from Mass Visualization View a table of only interfaces showing the Source Port and Target Port. This can be manipulated slighted in Excel to remote the FOP XX/FIP XX from the end of the source and target, toss that data into a Pivot table and youre set.
Another option is to make some quick python scripts to ingest the data and spit it out as appropriate.
Hope this helps.

Hi Brandon,
Your work around will surely work. I was looking for a more elegant method. After all Capella has the information in the model already . Just a way of extracting it out quickly.

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