Multiple allocations for a single logical function

I am using version 5.0.
Is it possible to allocate a logical function to multiple actors/components?
I am adding many subfunctions in the LFBD and I do not need to display them in the LAB.


A Function can be allocated to only one component or actor.

If you are adding subfunctions to an existing function: in Arcadia, only leaf functions should be allocated to components/actors. So when you create sub-functions, you should un-allocate the parent function, and allocate the leaf functions to the appropriate component(s)/actor(s).

The if the question is “I do not need to display the subfunctions in LAB diagrams”, nothing forces you to display them. You can display mother functions in LAB, (their label would appear in italic indicating that these functions have subfunctions) or just choose not to display any function in a LAB diagram.


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