Missing update site

We have dependencies on capella for a product we’re building, and we’re having a lot of trouble getting a stable update site to depend on.
I’m not sure if this is due to the 1.1.4 release earlier, but it seems like the 1.2.0 update site is no longer complete:
As far as I understand, a “release” update site should never change after it’s… released. People trying to get a stable source for features and plugins will be using these, so I believe Capella should ensure that released update sites are never removed/moved/altered once they’re up for consumption by end-users.
Is there any way you could restore the 1.2.0 update site to its previous state?
Laurent Goubet

Even if I 110% agree with you about releases must not change, it appears that is not a requirement on eclipse.
See the dedicated thread about the issue encountered last week on polarsys:
ticket 2015
Releases hosted on download.polarsys.org (and maybe download.eclipse.org) are not backuped as presumed that they can be
We will ask to Polarsys to add a backup requirement/process since download.polarsys.org is our official way to deliver polarsys products/sites.
In the meantime, your issues shall be fixed by now:

  • For capella.rcp.site/egf.site: we have regenerated updates sites based on the jars owned by our official products, so the released update sites are not ‘altered’.
  • For richtext.site, it is an addon not delivered as an official product, we have regenerated it by using the official git tag.
    About this richtext feature, this addon have many issues that have been fixed for the next release 1.2.1 and it will be directly included into capella product.
    (so you will have to remove it from your target platform)
    Best regards,
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