Missing opaque expression update in guards when instantiating a RPL from a REC


In Capella 5.1, in an MSM of a component belonging to a REC, I’m using some guards that are referencing FEs using the auto completion (ctrl-space) feature. The FEs are also part of the REC, with a suffix.

Updating the MSM guards when changing the FE names works perfectly in the REC. Great feature !

But when I instantiate an RPL from this REC and open an MSM diagram of this RPL, the guards in the MSM are not updated with the suffix added to the FE name. This creates little model inconsistencies.

Having a deeper look at the semantics in the opaque expression behind the guard, I recognized the the opaque expression in the RPL were still referencing the REC object :

Would there be any chance to fix this behavior in upcoming releases or is there any workaround ? Updating all the guards manually again can be a bit tedious.

Thank you in advance !

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the issue is open in the capella bug tracker

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