Mass Viewing view sorting and grouping


I have been trying to use requirements viewpoint to capture requirements in the model.
I have created some initial fields:

  • Date validated, date type.
  • Date created, date type.
  • Rationale, text type.
  • Impact rating, enumeration type with three literals: high, medium and low.

I have then created two requirements and associated to a type that includes the above data types.

I have sent the two requirements to a Mass Viewing view and set the values to the different attributes.

I would like to perform two actions:

  1. Sort the Impact Rating by High and Medium (1).
    It does not change the sorting for the column when I click on the Impact Rating column.

  2. Group the requirements by impact rating (2)
    When I drag the Impact Rating column it shows in (3) only high and not both High and Medium.

It is possible to sort and group requirements using the Mass Viewing view pre-defined attributes, but it seems it is not working for user defined data attributes.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

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