Hi all,
i would like to generate a documentation not of the whole of my model but only at a specific part.
For example, i would like to generate a documentation for part of the model under a specific component.
Is it possible ?

Yes it is!
Configuration file allows to map any model element with a template variable.
For instance you can

  1. Write a template assuming the ’
    self’ variable is your specific component
  2. In the template properties, set type of ’
    self’ as ’
  3. Edit your genconf
    At this step you (or the user) should be able to associate any LogicalComponent of your model to ’
    Next level consists in generating as many documents as components through a single user action. Achievable using the Core generation API. It’s a bit more complex but we’re in advanced use.
    And, as I see you’re making a string of questions on M2Doc, feel free to contact me directly for support or training

For more details on custom integration have a look at the
Using M2Doc Programmatically section.

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