Im tring to understand the Template given with In-Flight Entertainment System model.
I generated the document for SA level, I realise that the result of some quiries gives the ID but i suppose that the wanted element is the name .
For example, i take the actor :
{m:if mission.participatingActors->size() > 0}
{m:for actor | mission.participatingActors}
javascript: insertTag(document.post_form.msg_body, ’
when i delete Ref from the third ligne to be : {m:actor.name.asBookmarkRactor.id)}, it works for the firt occurrence of result and for the others it contains name mixed to message in red color
javascript: insertTag(document.post_form.msg_body, ’
i dont know if the porpose of the Template is to give the element id, or there is some mistakes to face
For me, i want name element BECAUSE I FIND THE SAME PROBLM FOR FUNCTION, FONCTIONAL CHAIN IN THIS TEMPLATE it gives the ID as the actor exemple (same problem)

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