M2Doc template migration

I made several template for the previous version of M2Doc for Capella 1.3.1.
As I just migrated toward Capella 1.4, I had some question regarding the compatibility and migration of not so old M2Doc templates.
When I edit the configuration, it indicates a version mismatch:
How I can modify my template to get rid of this alert ? Is there some kind of meta data or is that directly related to the balises I added inside the document ?
Thanks in advance.

I edited the template properties to replace the old 1.3.x package URI by the new ones:
Old Package URIs
New Package URIs
Then I Click on “Current version” which I suppose indicate I want to use the new version for my template.
When finally proceeding, I have the following error:


This error can happen under Windows when the template is already opened with an other editor. Otherwise you are doing what is needed to move from Capella 1.3.x and M2Doc 2.0.3 to Capella 1.4.0 and M2Doc 3.0.0.

You were right. I retried just now and it worked.
I was used to modify the template using word, while generating the documentation in capella.