M2Doc template and diagrams image generation

I installed successfully M2Doc and I was able to generate IFE document according to template included in it. I tried to use the same template in own Capella project. I was able to modify the template according to my needs and I was able to generate the document according my new template.
The problem encountered was on generation of diagrams images inside to the document. I mean, every time I tried to include an image as for example all the “System Architecture Blank” diagrams (as per provided template) but also for additional diagrams (e.g. “Missions Blank”), the error is the same:
Invalid for statement: Couldn’t find the ‘asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(EClassifier=System,j ava.lang.String)’ serviceInvalid for statement: The iteration variable types must be collections ([Nothing(Couldn’t find the ‘asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(EClassifier=System,j ava.lang.String)’ service)]).
In the generated Template SA template error document the following error is raised:
<—Couldn’t find the ‘asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(EClassifier=System,j ava.lang.String)’ service <— The iteration variable types must be collections ([Nothing(Couldn’t find the ‘asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(EClassifier=System,j ava.lang.String)’ service)])…
The code used in the template for inserting “System Architecture Blank” diagrams is the same of the one used in IFE and it is:
I noted that in the IFE “.genconf” MMI there is an Option conatining as option name “SiriusSession” with value IFE aird model.
I tried to do the same, using context menu item “Add Option”, but it does not work.
Could you help me ?
What is missing ?
How can put diagrams images ?
Thanks in advance

You just need to use the context menu and select “Initialize Option” instead of “Add Option”.
Then it should works!

Thanks for your quickly response. I tried but nothing happens.
Then I tried with the example IFE, I duplicated (copy and past
) the SA Complete template a new one has been generated, so, I generated a new gendoc and selecting from context menu “Initializa option”, seriusSession appeared.
It seems that somthing is missing using the SA Complete in my capella project …
Ciao and thanks in advance

how can i get the official template M2Doc for Operational Analysis.
Thanks in advance

Templates available on
http://www.m2doc.org/capella/#templates are provided for convenience and as demonstrators of M2Doc. There is no ‘official’ templates and we (Obeo) don’t plan to provide additional ones (at least for free).
So I’m afraid you’ll have to develop this one.
However, if such a template exists somewhere and its author is ready to share it, we will gladly add it to the list.

I have the same issues to use the M2DOC feature with my Capella workbench (1.3.0 and M2DOC 2.0.2).
1.First of all, I do not have the same window than those presented in this post. They are more pop-up windows (see attached image) and it seems that i don’t have for exemple the “initialize option” available. Is there any additional step before using the M2DOC feature?
2.I tried to use the IFE M2DOC exemple to generate documentation for my Capella project. For the IFE, I succeed to re-generate the IFE documentation by using the existing genfile. Then when I use the IFE template for my project, the new associated genfile works fine for the variables like “self.name” ; “self.containedSystemAnalysis.ownedActorPkg.ownedActors” but not for image generation like " m:self.containedSystemAnalysis.ownedSystem.asImageByRepresen tationDescriptionName(‘System Architecture Blank’)" -> same error messages than Sergio.
3. Investigating on that issue, and comparing both Genfile (IFE and mine), it seems that the values for the variable are the melodymodeller file + capella sources (ecore) for the IFE one (see attached image) and only the melodymodeller file for mine. How can I associate these values to the variable self (I don’t see how to load this type of source)? Is it linked to my issues with the image generation?
Thank you in advance for your support on that.
Best regards,

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