M2doc - Operational Analysis

I’m working on a template for the Operational Analysis layer ; I haven’t seen one on the internet, so I’m creating it from scratch.
As a first step, I want to export a picture of a diagram (OAIB ; no issue here) followed by a table containing informations about elements used in the diagram (OA, interaction, etc…)
And I have an issue with the “for” ;
for exemple, if I want the name of the element :
m:source.ownedDiagramElements.target.name => this works, we have all the names but as a single string like “name1name2name3”
so I use a for like :
m:for variable | source.ownedDiagramElements
but this one doesn’t work… And I don’t understand why, it’s basically the first one but cut
Plus, if I remove the .target, it’s working in both case. But i discovered it gives the name of the “graphical” part of the element ; which don’t have description, propertyValues, … So I need the .target anyway
Does anyone know why it doesn’t work with the for ?
Thank you !

Just in case, have you already tried :
m:for variable | source.ownedDiagramElements.target

Yes I have tried to “cut” the code eslewhere (forgot to mention that, sorry)
Same problem, same error… the error by the way is “Feature name not found in Eclass Eobject”
I also realize it has the same problem with the “IF”
if anybody knows a different way to do a table with name, description, summary… I would like to know

Hello Julien,
I am working on the same Capella template.
Did you manage to output some ? Can it be shared with me ?
Thanks in advance.

Hello all,
With the pxDoc document generation tool (
https://www.pxdoc.fr), you would do in the following way:
Update of code: we need to get the semanticElements to properly get the attributes (name, description…).
When you install the pxDoc connector to Capella (
http:// pragmatic-modeling.org/index.php?option=com_content&view =article&id=1&Itemid=142#pxDoc), you get 2 useful examples:
A generic generator that you can apply to the full model (or to the Operational analysis only)
A generator dedicated to the Logical Architecture that better shows how you can get the specific information you need to include
Let me know if you need some support to start with pxDoc, I will be happy to help!

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