M2Doc missing generation documentation menu item

First of all thanks to Samuel, to providing M2Doc Capella extension. I installaed successfully the M2Doc Capella extension as suggested by Samuel and following the
http://www.m2doc.org/capella/ link.
In addition I followed the the instruction to install the IFE including the M2Doc templates, and installed it successful.
When I tried to generate document selecting “Template SA Complete.genconf” and clicking on the right button of mouse there isn’t the menu item “Generate Documentation”.
See following image:
What I’m wrong ?

I solved the topic. From “Available Software” window, in addition to “Capella doc generation utils”, I installed also all the uncategorized items.
Now I’m available to generate document starting from .genconf file.

My bad… I’ll change the tutorial screen shot.
sorry for the inconvenience,
Yvan Lussaud.

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