M2Doc - How to show System Data Flow Blank Diagram

Hello David,
The function “asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName” in M2Doc returns the diagrams of the specified type attached to the model element on which you called it.
In you case, you are calling this function from “self.containedSystemAnalysis.ownedSystem” which is the definition of the system in the System Analysis phase.
In Capella, the “System Data Flow Blank” diagrams are not defined under the system, but are attached to the functions (root functions or other functions).
Thus you first need to navigate to the functions of your model and then retrieve the diagrams from them.
The sample templates of M2Doc provide you an example of how to navigate within the functions of your model (see “Template SA Complete” in section 5 “Description of the Functions”).

Thanks for you input
I was wondering how one can get diagrams which contain a function.
I updated the Section of SA Template as follow:
{m:if SF.siRepresentativeDescriptionName(‘System Data Flow Blank’)}
{m: SF.asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(‘System Data Flow Blank’).fit(500,400)}
No diagram
But the generated document does not show diagrams.
I also noticed that Functional Chains diagram does not appear (see SA Template Section 6).
Any idea please?

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