M2Doc Export creation Problem

I want to create a view like that in the HTML export, but with M2Doc.
My Problem is not the picture it is the transition Table and there the Transition like “ChangeEvent 2[Big or Small]”.
Because I cannot find a way to get to the Guard informations like in the picture below.
I tried with the Interpreter to get to this informations, but there I get stucked
Because I did not find a way to get the name the linked element, I only get the link to the element.
Did anyone know a solution?

Hello Peter,
There are several containment levels before reaching at the guard itself.
should do the job.
Note, if ever you want exactly the string displayed in your diagram, you could start from the graphical element

I found the guard, but I have the problem that there is not the name of the element in the guard. There is only the link
and I did not find a way to get the name instead of the link. Because I want
I also tested the second approach, but I could not get to the element in the graphical element.

I think you make a confusion between the ‘name’ of the transition and information displayed in properties view and diagrams.
Name of transition is on of its attributes. You can quite easily retrive it with
aql:self.name. In pratice this value is often null.
Information displayed in properties view and diagrams are computed locally (there is no ‘ready to use’ attribute). To obtain an equivalent you will have to implement a specific service.
That’s why I was proposing to start from graphical elements. And in this case, it is actually the ‘name’ (of the graphical element) that contains the required string

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