M2Doc error message 'dangling reference'

using M2Doc with Capella 1.3.0, with a (slightly) modified SA_complete template.
I’m getting a number of errors in the generated document:
Involved actors:
• dangling reference for bookmark b52b07cd-5e55-4e7a-b580-4190b3eb99bb
• dangling reference for bookmark 7b958962-569c-463e-85c3-4a83b04411f3
in the LA template, this AQL request {m:actor.name.asBookmarkRef(actor.id)} is used
Got also this one:
Exploited capabilities:
2.3.1 Capability : Can’t start duplicated bookmark fa3320d7-0f4a-4f27-8667-2a2c4429b8c4Delivering information to customersCan’t end already closed bookmark fa3320d7-0f4a-4f27-8667-2a2c4429b8c4
in the LA template, a similar AQL request is used:
As I didn’t anything related to this error in Bugzilla, I’m looking for help here.
This model was created using Capella 1.2.0, then migrating to 1.2.1, 1.2.2 then 1.3.0
A Validation Model doesn’t help, mostly warnings
I suspect some bad id updates during model migration ?
anything I could do to solve this ?
Thanks for any hint,

so I decided to investigate further, and fixed issues by replacing {m:actor.name.asBookmarkRef(actor.id)} by {m:actor.name}
then did the same for the capability issue…all clean now
not sure what this .asBookmarkRef(ELEMENT.id) should bring…

Hello Olivier,
function.asBookmarkRef(elem.is) only create a reference to a Word bookmark (ie. you can ctrl+click to jump to the bookmark). If you have a dandling reference, it seems that the bookmark itself does not exists in your document.