M2Doc and images embedded in descriptions

Is M2Doc able to handle images that are included in descriptions of model elements? My first experience end up with an exception instead of the image, so I assume this is not supported?
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The support for embedded images has been added. Just to clarify you can now includeHTML images with an URI looking like his:


The issue is here:

This patch is included in M2Doc 3.1.1 and above (M2Doc 3.2.0 should be release soon).

Thank you @YvanLussaud.

I get the following exception for an image that I have inserted in Capella using the description editor (relative path).

Could the space in my project name be the cause of the error?

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It might be, but is seems to be decoded properly. It can also be because the URI is not interpreted to a valid path. M2Doc resolve all relative URIs to the location of the template to make things portable. In this case the URI seems absolute… By default such URIs should be supported inside of Eclipse.

Can you open an issue here please ?

I will open the ticket as soon as I know a bit better how to characterize it (gonna make 1 or 2 additional tests).
It my example, the path to the image is relative (I have a “images” fodler under the root of my project), but it is not where the template is (the template is in a “template” folder)

Issue created: Management of images in Capella description · Issue #428 · ObeoNetwork/M2Doc (github.com)

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