M2Doc - Access to elements of a list

Hello everyone,
In this (
https://forum.mbse-capella.org/t/905/) topic, Aurelien Pinsonneau gives a short example of a word array creation using M2Doc. Every step of a ‘for’ loop created a new line in the array.
Is it possible to do it with column creation ?
I assumed not, and my idea was this one : knowing the structure of my data, inserting them directly, element by element in a custom-made array. (for exemple if I know that all my lists will have 6 elements, create directly a 6-column array, and fill t with the elements of my list).
However, in order to do such a thing, I need to know how to acces to a specific element of a M2Doc list. I know the service ->first(), but how about the other elements ?

Hello Julien,
I don’t think it is possible to iterate on columns when you don’t know how many columns there will be…
In your case, you can access a given element in a list using “->at()”.
(The first element can be retrieved using “->at(1)”)
M2Doc uses AQL in order to get information from a Capella model.
You can find AQL documentation here:

Thank you (again
) !

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