M2Doc 3.1.0 is out

Hi All,

M2Doc 3.1.0 is out.
More info here: https://github.com/ObeoNetwork/M2Doc/releases/tag/3.1.0

Among other things, we now have a Word add-on enabling completion of AQL requests directly from Word: https://www.m2doc.org/ref-doc/nightly/index.html#ms-word-add-in
Also it is now possible to launch M2Doc in headless mode: https://github.com/ObeoNetwork/M2Doc/issues/364
And services related to diagram insertion have been enhanced: https://www.m2doc.org/ref-doc/nightly/m2doc_service_m2docsiriusservices.html

Capella integration is up to date: https://www.m2doc.org/capella/