Lost filtering criteria after system to subsystem transition


I’m working on a Capella 1.4.2 environment.

On a methodology that I try to define, I would like to have:

  • 1 system model with model elements for all options and variants
  • 1 subsystem model with model elements for all options and variants
  • Possibility to transit system model elements into subsystem model elements with same options and variants

For that, I’ve started to use Filtering with following elements:

  • 1 capella library with definition of filtering criteria and filtering results
  • 1 capella project for system model using the capella library. Filtering criteria can be applied on the system model elements
  • 1 capella project for subsystem model

Then, I’ve applied a system to subsystem transition to initiate subsystem model contents from system contents.
As a result, model contents are available on the subsystem model but without the criteria applied are lost.

Is it a known behavior? What can be proposed to transit the applied filtering criteria?

Best regards,

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