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I’m using Capella 5.1 and i would like to use a rule validation model about RPL Compliance. The constraint I check is “[Live] - Blackbox”.
I saw on this video at 18:35 [Webinar] Strategies and tools for model reuse with Capella (by Artal and Thales) - YouTube the use of a “Live Validation” window that is opened when the user doesn’t respect the rule. I don’t find where to activate this “Live validation”, in my capella I can break the rule and it doesn’t do anything…

Could anyone help me ? Thanks in advance.


Hi Quentin,
Are you sure you ticked all the right check boxes?
To have the live validation of the RPL Compliance, you have to check the RPL Compliance checkbox in the preferences (then Model validation > Capella > Design > Consistency > RPL Compliance) and then to check “Enforce RPL Compliance on the fly” for each RPL that must be checked. Then, if you try to violate the constraints, Capella should show you an error message.

I hope this solves your problem. Do not hesitate if it doesn’t.

All the best,

Martin Le Bourgeois
ObeoSoft Canada Inc.

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This is the solution.

Thanks a lot Martin !


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