Link to diagrams from a folder in project explorer

Is it possible to add in a link to a diagram in a folder that is created under the main project folder? The diagram and folder will be both within the same project
Dragging in diagrams files into the folder does not work and there is no option to add a link to a diagram when right clicking a folder and selecting ‘new’

You may want to take a look at a brand new feature of Capella : element of interest. You will be able to indicate that a diagram is particularly relevant to another element in Capella (in your case a folder) and then use the Semantic Browser to identify the diagrams related to this element.
Otherwise you may want to use the diagrams’ package feature. Both are described in lhe last webinar, from 2:42 :
Hope it helps

What kind of folder are you trying to visualize the description for?
Any Capella model element has a description in which you can have hypertext links towards other model elements or diagrams.
The things that Juan mentioned about Capella 1.3 won’t be backported in 1.2.

I have attached a screenshot of some folders I created which are spread out across the different levels of a Capella project. None of these give me the option to add a description. The purple folders give me “Replicable Element” and “Expert” properties but the “Documents” folder at the top gives me no properties. It is ideally this “Documents” folder that I would like to link to diagrams from.

I do not see any attachment to your post, can you check?