Library PVMT and REC/RPL good/bad practices

First I share the bad practice:
In a library I have applied a PV Domain on Functions… Let’s say function kind (datamodel/simulation/communication)…
I created REC… and RPL in a project using the Lib… The RPL has property values applied. But I could not manipulate the values of the properties applied.
First bad idea: I imported the Domain in the project to manipulate the properties but… I guess the import mechanism recreated EObject of the corresponding property values when importing the Domain…
Second bad idea: for another reason, I removed the properties from the library by detaching model. WHen I tried to remove the properties from the elements in the project using the lib, it did not worked and showed invalid EReference (to the Domain in the Library, which was not existing anymore)…
COnclusion: It’s a bad idea, when using REC/RPL from library in conjunction with PVMT to import the Domain in the project using the lib.
Questions: Is there a good practice ?
Question 2: in Capella user manual, it is said that property values are not handled properly by transition operations, is it confirmed ? How can I use property values at one level of analysis, and transition them to the others properly.
Thank you for any advice.

Hi Cedric,
Just sharing one experience here and certainly not answering all your questions but: I had a case where I defined properly property values on Operational Activities and System Functions, and when applying the transition, it worked well. I am not saying this is something supported, I don’t know for sure, but the transition did work well provided that the PV Definition were set correctly.
I hope this helps
Obeo Canada

Hello Stéphane
Thank you for your feedback. I will probably check on a sample model with configuration management what happens when I apply transition and, also important, what happens if I modify elements and re-apply transformation. I will post my results here.

Hello Cedric,
PVMT does not yet support transition between perspectives (SA to LA for example), system to sub-system transition, or REC / RPL between library and project.
It’s because even if the Property Values are transferred, the link with the PV definition is lost in the transfer.
This problem has already been identified and would need additional development in order to fully cover all use cases.

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