good morning all.
I have the following situation:

  • One ‘master domain’ where part of my team is working on a ‘master model’;
  • One ‘slave domain’ where another part of my team is working on a ‘slave model’ using the ‘master model’ as a library;
  • we exported the ‘master model’ as a library with the default settings;
    The people working in the ‘slave domain’ are not able to establish functional exchanges between logical functions in the ‘master model’ and logical functions in the ‘slave model’ - I assume that is because the functional exchange, when the source is a logical function in the ‘master model’, needs to update the ‘master model’ and since the library is in read mode that is not possible.
    Changing the ‘master model’ in the ‘slave domain’ is not an option - all changes in the ‘master model’ need to be done in the ‘master domain’. However, the ‘master domain’ does not know about the existence of the ‘slave domain’.
    Is there a way to add a functional exchange from the ‘master model’ to the ‘slave model’ but have this functional exchange be represented in the slave model’s files?

The authorized relationships between regular project models and library are very specific:

  • you can reference data elements (classes, exchange items, interfaces) from a library directly from a model element in the project
  • almost all other relationships are prohibited: a project function cannot be allocated to a project component, exchanges between functions/components in a library and functions/components in a project are not possible
    The reuse of functions, components, etc. from a library to a project is to be managed through REC-RPL

Thanks Stephane

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