LC / LA to PC / PA transition


I’m modelling a system in Capella, and I did every step up to the logical architecture. In this architecture, I have 7 logical component in my system. But when I want to do the physical architecture and transit these components, only two out of 7 are transited and I don’t understand why. If someone knows why it’s like that or how I can fix this it would be really helpful.

Thank you !

Can you post a picture of your LAB?

Yes here is a picture of my LAB

And Also my PCBD looks like this and I can’t add the kill switch, the battery temperature sensor or the bus and I don’t really understand


I did a quick test on my end, and I do not see why your Logical Component would not be transitioned.
Did you try to select, in the model explorer, one of these Logical Components and apply the transition one by one?

yes I tried but when I do that, I can’t finish the transition. This is the wizard I have when I want to do the transition. I can’t click on the apply button.

Can you share your model? Or maybe a sub-part of it where you would still have the issue?