JIRA implementation / task-linking

I am quite new to Capella, so please go easy on me
When implementing JIRA to my Capella workbench it seems that at the moment JIRA-elements can only be added to the description of a model-element via the properties.
Is there a more direct way to link JIRA-elements?
Thanks in advance!

Some works are currently ongoing in order to better consider task / change management in Capella.
So far, please know that the following is available:
You can visualize and interact with JIRA tasks using Mylyn integration for Eclipse (any Capella version).
Moreover, when working with Team for Capella 1.2.0, you can:

  • use the current active Mylyn task in order to automatically fill-in the commit comment
  • track changes on model element when using the “Auditing mode”
    However, those information (commit history and changes on model element) are today not used when exporting a model from Team for Capella to the stand-alone version.
    On-going works are focused on exploiting those information when exporting the model to store it in tools such as Git, SVN…
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