Issues with Python4Capella

Hi all,
I installed the build dated 2021-12-13 on Capella 5.1.0 and I started to play with the script for listing logical components to the console.
I wasn’t able to run it, as I got the following error message:

org.eclipse.ease.scriptexecutionexception: typeerror: required field “type_ignores” missing from module

Any hint?

I reinstalled everything, starting from the release 1.0.0. Then I updated EASE to the version 0.8.0, and finally upgraded Python4Capella to the latest release (2021-12-13). It works!

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Can you please help me with this?

This issue is related to Python 3.9 and EASE 0.7.0. see #119. You need to update EASE to version 0.8.0.