Is there a way to associate a visual "icon" to a console button generated by the magical header?


Title question.

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Answer: EASE/Scripts - Eclipsepedia :slight_smile:


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Hello again, thanks again.
But I find that documntation very lacking, do you guys know of any more advanced EASE docs?
I am trying to Bind a script to a keyboard shortcut.

I found few things such as:

  1. EASE-ily Make the Most of Eclipse with Python - YouTube; Or:
  2. Few examples for beginners here: JavaScript Beginner Tutorial - org.eclipse.ease.scripts.git - EASE sample scripts
  3. Other docs here which I could not really explore at the moment: EASE Documentation | The Eclipse Foundation

Nothing direclty related to bidning things to a keyboard as far as I searched.
Do you think there are other tutorial pages explaining specifically some key:value from the magical header (such as the use of the keyboard)?