Is it possible to select which FE's EI is displayed among all EI allocated to a FE?


I would like to know if there is a possibility with Capella to only display 1 EI among severals allocated to a FE ?

Example :
I have in my database 2 EI allocated to 1 FE

I would like a way to display only one, if possible depending on a Mode or State or Configuration, in order to obtain this kind of result :
(If I select a Config associated to one EI, then only this EI would be displayed on the diagram)

Context :

i’m using Capella 1.3.1 and will soon use Capella 5.1.
I’m modeling programed logic (the box functions are ‘AND’, ‘OR’, …) to create some typical for a knowledge management objective.
I’m interested by any solution/idea, it could be for example with pure::variant or another add-on.

Thank you for reading !