Interfaces in LA

Hello all
I’m currently transitionning system FS to Logical FS, Functions are already there, split when necessary to enable allocation by components. I have chosen at this level not to use port delegation, then I use direct component exchange to leaf components. This for better checking of exchange allocations: it enables to allocate functional ports to leaf component and not to system port. Here comes the point: I’m processing scenarios one after the other, so I have to deallocate functional exchange from CE to system and allocate to a new one to leaf component. Generating IS from ES, the interface relating to the leaf component port is not a new one, but the one that could be used by the system port, ignoring FE deallocation. (the system port has no more interface). I tried to remove EIs from this interface, and retry generating IS: EI came back but lost their name EI itself and trace to interface), the big interface is still attached to leaf component port, no new interface is created. What I need is to build interfaces between leaf components, interfaces to system was an aim in SA, not in LA… Shall I create manually an interface that allocates the wanted EIs?, then manually attach to apropriate ports? Should I kill the system level interface? But I have understood that when transitioning ES to IS, Capella runs interface generation for the complete model*. The deleted interface will come back… with name issues may be?
(*) Generating IS causes an error due to mysterical (not found) multiple port allocation which looks not concerned by worked scenario. I have to manually remove unwanted inherited or remaining port allocations in the scenario concerned items.
Everything works like if I used port delegations, kept functional ports allocated to system ports…

Thanks for any remark or observation

Thierry Poupon

Edit1: Considering that at the end of the LA day, system should have lost all its ports, I version my model and remove all system ports, deleting then all component exchanges attached. Interfaces that continue to be linked to these ports will be lost. Then I may have to kill all IS already done and regenerate them, to ensure using local interfaces and not ones relating to system level.

Edit 2:
My process will be :
-Delete all L-IS in model
-Delete system ports: this will delete attached component exchanges and then allocation links to functional exchanges
-Delete disconnected actor ports (thoses connected to leaf component exchanges are kept)
(This will not affect behavorial scenarios, as they never use exchanges to system but only to leaf components)
-Remove all interfaces: for each interface: delete remaining allocation to ports, then deallocate EI content, check EI names, delete interface. 2 tries had a result of deleting EI names when deallocating from interface…

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