Import of data from text or .csv files

Is there a way to import data (such as requirements) into Capella from .csv or text files. I see that Papyrus has this capability as well as all other MBSE tools. Just wondering if this is just buried somewhere.

Hello. There is ReqIF format import in Capella: check out the Requirements add-on.
I know that some companies has developed their own specific importers from Excel or text files. If they wnt to share those, they can use the Labs for Capella (

Hello JNavas,

I am starting this new project and I want to use Capella for the modelling part. However, connexion of the modal to a database is essential for the project.
I woul like to know if it is possible to connect a capella model to a database (MySQL for example)?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Duplicate of this question here: Connecting Capella model to a dabatase

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