html project description

Good morning everyone.
Do you have any news for the export description ?
It could be very usefull for me…
Or do you have any ideas what can I do with my HTML export file ?
Thanks in advance !

The plan is to have in Capella a rich text widget for description at the end of December 2017.
In the meantime, the only way is to use a workaround. You could maybe try to respect a certain syntax in your current plain text descriptions. Example of content that would enable you to have external URLs and links between internal diagrams or model elements:
Plain text description of an element:
Result in generated HTML, navigable hypertext links
To insert a link towards a model element, you will need to retrieve the UID of the referenced element. You can find it in the Expert or Semantic tab of the element properties:
It is a bit more complicated to retrieve the ID of a diagram, you would need to browser the .aird file
Noteworthy: If ever you put a description on the “System Engineering” root element, then this description will become the homepage of your html website.
Hope this helps

Good morning Stephane,
Thanks for your answer.
Regards, Kilian

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