how to test an enumerated value with AQL

I want to test if the orientation of a ComponentPort is of kind OUT
For this I write :
{m:if myComponentPort.orientation=fa::OrientationPortKind::OUT }
{m: myComponentPort.orientation }
but It never return true.
I don’t understand because when I write : {m: myComponentPort.orientation } it returns OUT
and when I write {m: fa::OrientationPortKind::OUT} it returns OUT
the return of if should be true!!!

I use this way to check orientations
aql:self.orientation.toString() == ‘IN’

In pa.odesign, a conditional style for blue components:
aql:(self.getComponentType().nature = pa::PhysicalComponentNature::BEHAVIOR) and (self.getComponentType().abstract = false)
the first condition checks an enumeration value. I imagine that pa:: stems from being the default ns prefix in the physical architecture ecore model.

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