How to install addons/plugins - capella?

I need to have requirements mapping functionality in my project. After some forum search I understood that I need to install “requirements” addon from
this website.
However, I have no idea how to install it once it’s downloaded.
Also, before I did this, I right clicked on “Operational Analysis” -> “Add Capella Element” -> “Requirements pkg”. That created the folder structure and I was able to add a requirement. But I wasn’t able to map it to any function/actor or any block from the palette or through properties window.
Is this because of not having the addon installed?
For reference if needed, I’m using version 1.4

Follow this instructions in order to install any addon in capella workbench:
1- Open this link that leads to the set of capella viewpoints and download the requirements addon in this case.
2- Open the folder of capella, and open the direcotory capella\eclipse\dropins
3- Extract the already downloaded addon zip file and copy its content in the the dropins folder. You must copy the the folder called requirements. This latter has a subfolder called eclipse.
4- Launch Capella workbench or restart it in case it is open.
5- Once capella starts, open the viewpoint manager in the menu “window => show view => other => kitalpha”
6- Right Click on the viewpoint entry and choose refrence with green play button. You will notice that the state of the viewpoint changes to “active”.
7- You can toggle now the layer provided by the requirements viewpoints as follows
You will notice that a new tool folder apprears in the tools palette.


Hi Aditya,
Also, you should remove the requirement pkg and the other requirements you already created. Indeed the Requirement add-on comes with its own data model for managing requirement and you should us this one. The one you used from Capella is a legacy one.

Thank you very much for such a detailed and quick response!

Sure, Stephane. I’ll keep this in mind and delete it. Thanks!