how to edit "Allocating Actor/Component (computed)" with M2DOC


Is it possible to edit the “Allocating Actor/Component (computed)” of a logical function with M2DOC?

thank you

Hi David,

Modifying this information would mean reallocating the function to another actor/component.

Not sure of the use case you are looking for.
We could certainly display other information in the document, but it would then no longer be representative of the source model.
We could also imagine that the generation modifies the model on the fly. Beyond possible side effects for users, why not simply make this allocation in Capella?

Broadly speaking, the main function of M2Doc is to generate a document consistent with the source, not to modify it.

Hi Samuel,
Sorry for the misunderstanding, I don’t want to modify the model, I just want to generate a document with M2DOC in which the information of an Allocating Actor/Component (computed) is included.
It is possible when the logical function is manually allocated to a logical component:
({m:if f. allocationBlocks->size() > 0}
{m:for sys | f. allocationBlocks }
endfor, endif)
But I don’t succeed in finding the way to generate an “Allocating Actor/Component (computed)” in a doc
Thank you for your answer

The code should looks like this

Unfortunatly This code seems to deal with leaf functions which have been allocated to a logical component by the user.
It doesn’t work if the function (an upper function for which subfunctions are leaf functions allocated to a logical component by the user) is automatically allocated to a logical component (allocated Actor/Component (computed)).

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