How to configure reqIf import to change "Name" in Requirements VP section


I am system engineer Capella user and I try to import requirements from a .reqif file.
Import is working with no error, but my point is related to the way Capella performs the import.

For each requirement, the “Text” is correctly filled and the “Requirements VP” is filled as following:

  • Long name is empty
  • Name is filled by a text contained in reqif file section “ATTRIBUTE-VALUE-XHTML”
  • Chapter name is empty
  • Prefix is empty
  • Type is equal to RequirementType “Requirement” defined in the Types folder as usually.

What I’d like to do, is to configure Capella for filling the “Name” with the value of another section (which is “ATTRIBUTE-VALUE-STRING”) in reqif file (e.g. Name = Requirement ID) instead of the text contained in the “ATTRIBUTE-VALUE-XHTML” section.

I read most of the content of the Capella help related to requirmeent import, and I already read some forums, unfortunatelly I am forced to ask here and open new topic.

Hope I will find someone in same situation with a solution.

Best regards,

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