How to add realization to operational interaction?

Hello all,

I’m modelling up and down a bit. I started with a System view, then realized that it is indeed wise to add an operational level as well, and now I have a mix and match of diagrams that are coupled in some ways but not in all… Although I can continue this and have found how to add functional realizations to Operational Activities using the matrix, I still have some Operational Interactions that are now realized by a bunch of Functional Interactions on the System level. However, these are not synchronized now and there is no relation in the Semantic Browser. I’d like to get rid of the “is not realized by any other functional exchange in System” warning in the operational view, and get a consistent model.

How can I transfer the operational interaction to several functional interaction realizations?
Right-clicking the interaction and choose “transfer” gives me a dialogue that lets me add the interaction to the systems view, but that just gives me a new (unwanted) functional interaction in the system level.

Any help is appreciated!

OK, I think I found the answer, which was easier than I thought but I was just thinking the wrong way. For anyone else who thinks the same way:

In the systems view (for instance the SAB), just click on an exchange and select an operational exchange in the “realized” box

For some reason I thought it would be necessary to use a matrix for this, or to transfer from the operational layer, but you can “pull” the operational properties in a lower layer.