How to add a "custom_ID" to model items ?

Suppose I have a full model with various elements (functions, nodes, links, …). Now, alongside with this model I have other documents (like spreadsheets, text documents, …) in which I make references to the model.
How can I make references to specific items from the model, in a simple text document ? Usually, I use unique IDs like
REQ_001 or
FUNC_MAIN_1.2.11. It is easy to use while working with multiple documents. These IDs are custom and can follow a domain-specific semantic. Therefore, I cannot use the native IDs provided in Capella, like
how to make these unique IDs appear in the Capella Model ?
I have several needs here:

  1. attach a custom unique ID to any element in my model
  2. being able to display this unique ID in the box on diagrams, like this example:
    I imagine I can do something with property objects, or maybe I can work with Capella Studio to make an extension, but I’m not sure of the way I should explore.
    Do you have any advise please ?
    Thank you.

Hello Romain,
I see several options in order to answer your need:
1 - simply add your custom ID in the model elements name (e.g. type in “[COMP_001_ABC] PC1” as name for the physical component)
It’s simple, works fine, but doesn’t allow to get the name and the custom ID as two different attributes of the model element (unless performing some additional computation on the name afterwards)…
2 - use Capella Studio to create a viewpoint which will add an attribute to any model element and display it in diagrams
Will work fine but it will be a bit of a work…
3 - we are currently developing some tooling inside Thales in order to ease the definition of Property Values on model elements based on stereotypes, display the PVs in diagrams and/or in model element names (Project explorer, semantic browser…), and add some automatic styling in diagrams based on PV value.
This tooling is still under development and we are exploring the possibilities to share it with external users for free.
I will keep you posted if and when we can share it with you!

Thank you very much for your answer.
I think I am going to create a new Capella Viewpoint as a temporary solution, until the updates your are talking about (they seem promising !)
More generally, are you saying that there is no easy way to add properties to Capella elements if we are
not using Viewpoints ? (in current version of Capella)

No, Property Values already exists in Capella and you can define them under any model element.
Capella 1.2.1 (which will be released really soon) will provide the ability to display Property Values and Property Value Groups in any kind of diagrams (see example below).
The only thing is that it’s currently a bit difficult to define a list of Property Values that will be defined for all elements of a given type (e.g. all the functions, all the components…) and there no tooling for automatic diagram styling, computed element name…
So in your case you could use Property Values to define custom IDs and display it in diagrams with Capella 1.2.1!

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