Hierarchy of Requirements in the Capella Requirements VP

Hierarchy of Requirements

In the Requirements VP in Capella it is currently not possible to create a (compositional containment) hierarchy of requirements. In other words, it is not possible to create a requirement below another requirement It is only possible to have an hierarchy tree the leafs of which are requirements, but the other nodes are folders. But folders cannot be linked to model elements, only the requirements can. If requirements could contain other requirements then it would be possible to link those composite requirements as a whole to a model element, which implicitly means that all of its parts - the requirements below it- are also linked to that element. Thus the number of requirements that need to be manually linked to elements would be reduced significantly. When will this capability be added to the Requirements VP?

Related to this is also this question: Out of entries in the ReqIF file, based on what criteria the ReqIF Import in Capella distinguishes and creates proper Requirements as opposed to Folders? In DOORS (and in ReqIF) both of these are tuples. Is it the presence/absence of a PUID?

Marek Sechny

Hi! In fact folder type is derevided from requirement type in meta model. As a result folder type contains all properties of the requirement and can be allocated into model elements from meta model point of view. UI does not allow to select folders when creating links. But it’s possible to do this by adding extra function.