Graphical Queries - Capella model

I am using the Graphical Query tool to extract data from Capella models.
I have attached an example of a simple query that I use to extract:

  • the existing Physical Links at Physical Architecture level, and their ports/components and
  • the allocated Component Exchanges and their ports/components.
    The issue with this query is that only Physical Links allocating Component Exchanges will appear in the results.
    Target: I would like to extract the Physical Links {with and without} Component Exchanges allocated with a single Graphical Query.
    Do you have any tips to improve the Query/the pattern in .vql to achieve this target?
    Apart from having two different queries, it seems not possible to realize what I am expecting. I would like to avoid this solution that requires to combine the output csv files afterwards.
    P.S: I have tested the Mass Editing/Visualization prior to use the Query tool.
    Thank you for your support.
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HI everobody,
same question!
I’m playing around with “OR query”, with the feeling that it could help, but so far…NO.
If someone knows where to find a decent help for the use of graphical queries, I’d be delighted!