Git adress

Hello everybody,
I was using the following git adress to reach the sources:
But since a few days it is written “no repositories found”.
As the forum has been moved recently, is it the same for the git repository?
In this case what is the new address?
Best regards,

Dear Jean Albrieux,
I have had the exact same problem. After a long time of seaching, I could finally get the capella repository. You can access to it through the link hereafter.
I hope I could answer to your need.

The link to the sources from the Capella website download page has also been fixed.

The link for capella repository in capella website leads still to the repository with the “no repository found” problem.
The link below leads to the repository that contains some capella plugins on github as well.

Here is a summary after the migration to GitHub for the repositories, and from the PolarSys to Eclipse infrastructure for the CI:

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