Functional exchange in transition

Dear all,
I am having trouble with the transition of functional exchanges to the logical architecture.
When I create a functional exchange in System analysis, it is created in logical architecture, however the name is reinitialized to FunctionalExchange XX.
I can see that the Realized exchange however is renamed
The same issue happens if I update my functions names in System analysis, I cannot update the name (except by hand) in logical architecture
I tried to retransition the functions with the automated tool, without result.
Do you know how to deal with this ? I attach pictures illustrating my problem
Thanks a lot for your help

Can’t see the pictures.

You have to change the configuration of the diff window when performing the transition for the name changes to appear.
See the three pictures attached.
You need to tick the “normal” check box instead of the default “filtered”. The result is the difference in names will appear. And then you can accept or reject them.
Hope this helps

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